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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

A Training Center with Gusto

Unlock an Extensive Commercial Real Estate Training Center within TheAnalyst PRO®

It's known that TheAnalyst PRO is CRE Tech's #1 tool for financial and lease analysis, demographic and location analysis, offering memorandums and marketing.

did you know that TheAnalyst PRO also has an extensive Commercial Real Estate Training Center?


    When subscribing to TheAnalyst PRO you don't just get access to a robust investment real estate financial analysis and marketing platform.

    You also get unlimited access to our proprietary commercial real estate training center, including:

    •  over 16 hours of recorded professional CRE training

    •  step-by-step instruction of TheAnalyst PRO tools & features

    •  industry best practices

    •  case study scenarios

    •  unlocking how to use some of our more advanced tools


    Training Topics Include:

    √   CRE Marketing Best Practices
    √   Offering Memorandum Presentations & Best Practices
    √   Infographics for Demographic Analysis
    √   CAP Rate vs. Cash-on-Cash
    √   Advanced Investment Analysis
    √   CRE Investment Modeling - KPI's and Sensitivity Analysis
    √   Comparison & Portfolio Investment Modeling
    √   Predicting Future CAP Rates
    √   Power of Positive Leverage
    √   Lease Alternatives & Negotiation
    √   Prospecting & Deal Winning Made Easy
    √   How Inflation & Rising Interest Rates Impact CRE
    √   Valuation of CRE in a Volatile Market
    √   And more!

We don't stop there!

We continue adding trainings and topics relevant to the current commercial real estate market - always instantly available to all subscribers.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Valuation of CRE in a Volatile Market Using TheAnalyst PRO


Key Takeaways from our Webinar:
Valuation of CRE in a Volatile Market Using TheAnalyst PRO 

Presented by:
Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, Founder & CEO of TheAnalyst® PRO by CRE Tech®, Inc.

As the market variables keep changing, investors and CRE professionals are working hard to stay on top of investment values.

In our presentation we examined how to take these factors into consideration when evaluating investment property. 

Then using TheAnalyst PRO to do so quickly with presentable results.


Our presentation included:

The Importance of CAP Rate in Valuation:

--  Variables that impact CAP Rates (an update on where we are today)

--  Future exit (going out) CAP Rate prediction

--  Determining market CAP/pricing trend

Other Valuation Factors to Calculate:

--  Determining NOI

--  Capitalizing at current market CAP Rates

A property case study utilizing the analysis and presentation tools in TheAnalyst PRO - beneficial to both Buyers and Sellers.

View the entire recorded webinar here

Friday, June 17, 2022

How Inflation & Rising Interest Rates will Impact CRE Investment Property


Key Takeaways from our Webinar:
How Inflation & Rising Interest Rates will Impact CRE Investment Property 

Presented by:
Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, Founder & CEO of TheAnalyst® PRO by CRE Tech®, Inc.

Big economic changes undeniably alter commercial real estate dynamics.

In our presentation we examined current indicators and past economic cycles. 

How can these can help us anticipate the near future? 

What you can do with TheAnalyst PRO to help analyze property positioning.


Our presentation examined:

--  Variables that impact CAP Rates

--  Current market indicators

--  Past economic cycles

--  Impact of interest rates on Yield

--  Where opportunity may be in terms of refinance schedules

--  Supply & demand in different regions and asset classes

--  Various real estate indexes and what they are showing us (NAREIT, CRE Price Index)

--  Inflation impact on cash flows

--  A property case study utilizing the analysis tools in TheAnalyst PRO - with 3 scenarios: 
Best Case, Likely Case and Worst Case 

View the entire recorded webinar here

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Provide CRE Brokerage Team with Tools that Drive Success & Strengthen Recruitment


TheAnalyst PRO Offers Unparalleled Resources to Remain Competitive in Today’s Market



Every team – from athletics to office environments – can realize better success if provided the right tools. To expand upon this perspective, winning teams must combine tools designed to advance a project or complete a task effectively, as well as those that provide the resources to get the job done expeditiously.  

Combined, the right tools lay the foundation to realize advancement and profitability, but also create an environment that attracts and retains people who produce and meet established goals. 
In the always competitive, always evolving commercial real estate industry, success-driven teams need access to a broad range of property and market analytical resources, compelling digital marketing platforms, risk analysis and investment calculation programs, and other modern tools. 
A growing number of brokerage firms and independent brokers and agents across the nation have recognized TheAnalyst PRO as hosting a broad scope of valuable and intuitive, easy-to-manage features that help drive positive results for sale and lease transactions across all property types. 

Testimonial from the Director of a Leading CRE Company

CRE professionals in markets large and small have made TheAnalyst PRO an integral part of business operations for more than a decade. 

One such example: NAI Latter & Blum, Louisiana's leading commercial real estate brokerage company, with five offices across the Pelican State. According to Karl Landreneau, CCIM, SIOR, the firm's Director of Commercial Sales and Leasing, TheAnalyst PRO has demonstrated its advantages to regularly close deals, as well as its role in keeping a winning team in the lineup.

Karl also serves as the current interim CEO of the CCIM Institute and served as the 2014 CCIM Institute President. He is dedicated to the ongoing evolution of the commercial real estate industry.

TheAnalyst PRO Individual Subscription Allows for Collaboration
TheAnalyst PRO is offered as a comprehensive package to the individual user in monthly or annual pricing programs. Subscribers can incorporate data and analytical findings from Analysis and Property reports to prepare an unlimited number of marketing tools – from an offering memorandum to a property flyer to a website and much more. Within the office, all subscribers can prepare and share sales and leasing documents that have the same look and format, even down to the placement and location of the company logo. 
Other investment modeling CRE software platforms on the market today can be more difficult to learn and manage. New subscribers to TheAnalyst PRO can master the platform quickly by scheduling a 45-minute online demonstration. Also available is Live Support during general business hours, providing prompt answers to product function questions.
Furthermore, TheAnalyst PRO continues evolving to meet the demands of commercial real estate today. As noted in this recent post, the platform now includes a Comparison & Portfolio Investment Modeling feature that allows users to compare up to 10 properties side-by-side to analyze 5 and 10-year returns, plus much more.

Outlook for CRE in 2022
As the year unfolds, the outlook for commercial real estate is positive. This recent NAR Commercial Market Insights report for February states that the four major property types experienced net positive absorption in the past three months. Furthermore, jobs are being added in the transportation, warehouse, and professional services sectors.
To remain competitive in what may shape up to be a very active year, commercial brokers and leasing agents need every advantage.
TheAnalyst PRO builds compelling and powerful property communications that can accelerate the brokerage process and build an atmosphere of camaraderie. The ultimate results are a more concerted and targeted effort leading to more closed deals, and a process that engages teamwork.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Comparison & Portfolio Investment Modeling


Key Takeaways from our Webinar:
Comparison & Portfolio Investment Modeling 

Presented by:
Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, Founder & CEO of TheAnalyst® PRO by CRE Tech®, Inc.

Investment Analysis in TheAnalyst PRO has just expanded to a new level!

Compare and combine several different properties in TheAnalyst PRO for
Portfolio and Investment Modeling


Firstly, we recently introduced another enhancement - Equity Multiple:

--  How long until you get your initial investment back on a property. Then at what point can you multiply your initial investment.
--  An important metric used by astute investors
--  Great information to present to clients/investors and easy to explain
--  Calculates the total cash received from the investment and divides it by the total equity investment
-- Watch the webinar to see it applied in a real world scenario

Property Comparison Report:

-- Compare up to 10 different properties (and property types) side-by-side
-- Identify the 5 and 10-year return for each
-- Evaluate the Optimal Holding Period for each
-- Determine the best option for the investor

Portfolio Report:

--  Include up to 10 different properties in one portfolio
--  Show one return on an entire portfolio of different properties
--  Demonstrates value of investing money in multiple properties
--  Extremely powerful to show investors

Features included in both reports:

--  Make as simple or as detailed as you wish
--  Evaluate metrics of CAP Rate, Cash-on-Cash, IRR, Equity Yield
--  Can identify both 5 and 10-year returns
--  Includes Optimal Holding Period
--  Presents best option to clients/investors
--  Includes graphics
--  Watch the webinar to see it applied in a real world scenario

All found in TheAnalyst PRO in the Investment Analysis section.

Keeping it simple for properties already entered, simply click a button to create a Comparison or Portfolio report. No need to repeat your entries.


View the entire recorded webinar here

Monday, January 24, 2022

The Forecast for Commercial Real Estate in 2022 is Cautiously Optimistic


CRE in 2022

Make TheAnalyst PRO® An Integral Part
of Analysis and Marketing in the Year Ahead

For decades, a broad range of factors -- the economy, the political spectrum, the employment outlook, social and cultural developments -- and others have had an impact on commercial real estate both nationally and on a market-by-market level.

But over the past two-plus years, the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to affect lives and livelihoods domestically and worldwide, can be added to the list.

Challenges brought on by the pandemic have been felt across all property types and resulted in short-term, flexible, and other new lease structures, a dramatic shift to remote and hybrid working, a decline in values for some properties, and continued uncertainty given the resilience of the COVID-19 virus.

From a management perspective, landlords had to be proactive in contacting vendors about vaccine mandates issued by municipalities or state governments and communicating safety and operational protocols to tenants and visitors.

And, issues with supply chain disruptions, shortages of construction materials and consumer goods, and concerns over higher prices for gasoline and everyday staples have had a bearing on people, governments and businesses.

However, there’s reason for optimism as the year 2022 unfolds. Sources have projected a positive 12 months ahead for the national economy, and in turn, commercial real estate. Here are some findings.

The Forecast for CRE in 2022

First, let’s review a perspective on the overall state of the national CRE market. The U.S. Real Estate Market Outlook 2022 released in December by CBRE opens with this statement: “CBRE is maintaining a positive outlook for the economy and commercial real estate in 2022, despite uncertainty over potential impacts of the COVID omicron variant and other risks.”

That cautiously optimistic viewpoint is supported by insight and analysis on the capital markets (a record year on the investment front, rising values for industrial and multifamily assets, a concentration in office and retail in emerging markets) and across property types, where the bolstered economy and job expansion will yield more office lease transactions and diminished sublease space. Retail properties, hit hard at the onset of the pandemic, will continue to recover due to improved efficiency and increased sales-per-square-foot. The explosion of e-commerce and strong rent growth will keep industrial properties in demand, and solid fundamentals, strong investor interest, and the projection of net effective rents above pre-pandemic levels could result in a record year for apartments.

A less property type-focused analysis of the future for CRE can be found in a January 2 report from industry news source BisNow. Among the nine predictions cited and supported by industry leaders: 

•  Proposed initiatives from Washington, such as the Build Back Better legislation, could hamper commercial real estate through more taxes and the possible elimination of 1031 exchanges.

•  The growth in remote working arrangements will compel owners of office properties to invest in amenities to lure people back in person, while owners of multifamily properties will need to put money into better technology and updated tenant resources, including access-controlled smart rooms and artificial intelligence to enhance shared onsite workspaces.

For a non-real estate perspective on the outlook for this year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report released January 7 for the month of December is positive from an employment standpoint. The unemployment rate declined to 3.9 percent, and there was job growth in sectors like business and professional services. 

Incorporate TheAnalyst® PRO to Navigate the Road Ahead

As noted in the above examples, commercial real estate professionals will need to analyze and manage a great deal of information to be successful in 2022. Incorporating an affordable, comprehensive, and uncomplicated suite of analytical and marketing resources is paramount to success.

For more than a decade, TheAnalyst® PRO has provided CRE professionals with a broad scope of analytical and marketing resources that can help navigate the road ahead in 2022. With TheAnalyst® PRO, subscribers have quick access to an online tool that allows preparation of property and analysis reports and offering memorandums, use of investment calculators, and the ability to create flyers, flip books and even websites.

In a recent video, founder Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, shares thoughts on the growth of TheAnalyst® PRO and what’s in store for subscribers in the future.

Commercial real estate always has been based on analyzing data and assumptions. Without question, this year may prove to be somewhat volatile and with continued challenges. Make the commitment to TheAnalyst® PRO today to gain that extra advantage in your commercial real estate business.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Resolve to Make More Productive Use of that Valuable Commodity Called TIME

image: hands holding dollar bills and a clock
How valuable is your time?

CRE Professionals Benefit from Time-Saving Features of TheAnalyst PRO 

During these last few days of December, many people make plans to do something different, take on a new challenge, or commit to a cause in the New Year – aka making a New Year’s resolution. 

The options for deciding on a resolution seemingly are endless; but here’s one that can provide long-lasting benefits: Commit to saving time, a high-value commodity that can’t really be purchased.

There’s a parallel to a standard concept in the commercial real estate profession – the time value of money concept. In short, the concept that a sum of money is worth more now than the same sum will be at a future date due to its earnings potential. 

Ways to Save Time on the Job

Scores of books have been written on how to save time and remain more productive while on the job. To those in the fast paced, always competitive, and certainly challenging commercial real estate profession, maximizing time can be a critical factor that can lead to consummating a sales transaction or lease. 

Here are five time-saving practices to keep at the forefront:

Embrace technology strategically

Let’s face it: Devices, programs, and platforms have over the past few decades altered our day-to-day lives and business practices dramatically. But be prudent when adding new technology to help improve business practices. Make decisions to employ technology that maximizes time more effectively by reducing repetitive tasks or contributing to accuracy. Avoid technology that is complex and time consuming. Technology should make you more efficient, not less.  

Prioritize the daily agenda

Organize your workday and remain steadfast in adhering to tasks and meetings that are deadline-oriented or require a prompt decision. Apps like Trello and Monday can prove beneficial. 

Utilize the workspace effectively

Yes, that messy desk and inbox loaded with dated email messages can result in time delays when trying to access files and data to advance an offering memorandum or distribute a property flier. Invest a little time each week to organize information for prompt accessibility, retrieval, and dissemination. 

Plan periodic time-outs

Research has shown that regular short breaks each day while on the job can result in greater work productivity. As noted in this report from the American Psychological Association, work breaks provide the fuel needed to stay focused, overcome stress, and stay productive. 

Conclude with a plan for tomorrow

Before ending the workday, make note of upcoming meetings, project deadlines, and required correspondence with clients and prospects. Spending five minutes before “calling it a day” can save time when back in the office the following day. 


How TheAnalyst® PRO Contributes to Efficiency

As noted above, investing in the right technology can prove invaluable in providing CRE professionals with more time that can be used productively. 

Since its inception, TheAnalyst® PRO has provided commercial real estate professionals – from brokers, to leasing agents, to institutional investors – across all asset classes a comprehensive and intuitive online platform that quickly, accurately, and effectively performs property analysis calculations and delivers a broad range of marketing products.

Using TheAnalyst® PRO, within minutes, a broker can create four types of analytical reports that are cloud based and accessible across multiple devices. Here’s an example: A Discounted Cash Flow analysis for 5 and 10 years before or after tax can be created with only 8 required input fields.

Plus, subscribers can prepare marketing support tools like property flyers, brochures, flip books, and intriguing infographics that are branded with the company logo and relevant contact information. A flyer built upon a compelling design template with impactful graphics and relevant data can be created in a few minutes. Data and graphics are stored for prompt retrieval, making revisions to an existing marketing document easy. 

One more thing: TheAnalyst® PRO offers subscribers online training and a support center that provides guidance on maximizing use of the analytical and marketing features. Experienced support team members are prompt to provide needed assistance.


A Cost-Effective Decision For the New Year

As we close out 2021, make the commitment to get the greatest value from that precious commodity – time. Following these suggestions and incorporating TheAnalyst® PRO in the year ahead are two positive steps to take. 

Have questions about TheAnalyst® PRO? Please contact us. 

Wishing all a Happy New Year, and here’s to a very prosperous 2022 for all who work in the exciting commercial real estate profession.