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Monday, September 14, 2020

Offering Memorandums: A Buyer/Tenant Rep Strategy!

Historically, offering memorandums (OMs) have been used for larger commercial sale transactions by the listing agents. OMs were time consuming to create and many CRE firms have dedicated staff to only creating their OMs and flyers.

Buyer rep agents will typically forward the listing agent’s OM to their buyers, basically branding the listing company to their buyer and not showing their client they conducted any due diligence of the property on their own.


Leasing tenant rep agents often send the original property flyer to their client. Again, branding the landlord rep and their company to their tenant.


CRE Tech® is changing the rules with our top software platform TheAnalyst® PRO. You can create OMs, and flyers, in just minutes. Not hours. 

You can create an OM, flyer or brochure on any, and EVERY, property you present to your prospective client, whether for a listing presentation, buyer, landlord or tenant. Branding yourself and providing valuable due diligence to your client, including:


-       Financial or Lease Analysis

-       Demographic & Infographic Analysis

-       Location Risk Analysis with Flood, Crime, & Environmental reports

-       Property details, maps and photos


Speed to market is key, and with TheAnalyst PRO you can create, print and email your OMs, flyers and brochures in under 15 minutes!


Impress your clients even further: All OM’s created in TheAnalyst PRO include a dedicated PROPERTY WEBSITE, hosted by CRE Tech®. Simply copy the link and send to your client. They will believe you spent all day conducting the due diligence and creating the OM and Website for them.


Click here for a sample Property Website and download the full OM in PDF format. 

"Before it wasn't feasible for a Buyer/Tenant Rep to create a full OM on each property

they were showing their client. When it takes just 10 minutes to create 

your own branded OM, it's not only doable - it's undeniably clever! 

What a way to stand out from the competition!"

Todd Kuhlmann, CRE Tech® Inc. and TheAnalyst® PRO Founder

Monday, May 11, 2020

TheAnalyst PRO helps earn a $77,300 commission

"If you are not using TheAnalyst PRO currently and you are doing commercial real estate, you are probably costing yourself money. We are not all here to volunteer - we are here to get paid and help our clients and TheAnalyst PRO helps you do both!"

Brody Nash, a Commercial Specialist with Century 21 Commercial, provides details of acquiring a listing while using TheAnalyst PRO's powerful presentation tool - Commercial Package PRO.

Recently, Brody closed on the listing! TheAnalyst PRO is so grateful to Brody for providing this unsolicited awesome testimonial.

Now, more than ever, all CRE professionals need powerful, intuitive tools to enhance your business and assist your clients.
TheAnalyst PRO is an all-in-one CRE toolset that saves you valuable time and does the heavy lifting for you. 
Analysis reports, property reports, investment calculators, maps, and photos in a stylish package all at the click of a button.

Start your 7-Day Free Trial of TheAnalyst PRO and see firsthand just how powerful our tools are. Take your commercial real estate business to places you never thought possible.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Investment Analysis Reports & Lease Packages!

Take a deeper look at two endlessly useful features in TheAnalyst PRO.

Feature #1: Export Investment Analysis Reports
Export your Investment Analysis report directly to Excel. Let TheAnalyst PRO do the heavy lifting for you, then take that data and run with it.

Available for the following reports:
  • 5-year Before Tax
  • 5-year After Tax
  • 10-year Before Tax
  • 10-year After Tax
TheAnalyst PRO is all about making your business better, faster, and stronger without holding you back.

Feature #2: Lease Packages In Commercial Package PRO

Create a comprehensive Lease Package in just minutes - on ANY lease property in the world.

Until now, our powerful tool Commercial Package PRO was all about SALE properties, but with our new software enhancement, you can now create beautiful, data-packed, client-ready packages for LEASE properties too.

Whether a landlord rep, tenant rep, owner or looking for your own space, you can analyze any lease on any property quickly and easily.

No other platform provides this type of report this easily and comprehensively on any location.

To access this new tool, select "Package PRO" and create a new Lease Package today!

Monday, September 23, 2019

New Enhancements For TheAnalyst PRO

We’ve been busy the last few months to make TheAnalyst PRO better than ever for you! Check out these powerful new tools:

Virtual PRO Commercial Package. With our VIP white-glove service, leave the work to us. Let TheAnalyst PRO’s expert analysts create the perfect Commercial Package for your next deal. Available to all TheAnalyst PRO active subscribers.

Acquisition CAP Rate & Purchase Price. In addition to entering the acquisition purchase price, you now have the option to enter the market CAP rate at time of acquisition and TheAnalyst PRO will automatically calculate the Purchase Price on your report.

Cap X & Replacement Reserves. The cash-on-cash return and IRR return analysis includes the forecasted Capital Improvement and Replacement Reserves. You can enter a total amount, price per unit, square foot or per square meter annually for up to 10 years. 

Tenant Improvements (TI) and Leasing Commissions (LC). When entering lease details for each tenant in your property, you can add TI & LC expenses at time of move-in and at time of lease rollover to fully project your cash flow for each tenant.

Metric and Imperial. You can now analyze ANY property in the world, as we have fully integrated Square Meter measurement into all tools in TheAnalyst PRO.

International Demographics. In addition to full demographics for the USA, we have added demographics for Canada, Australia and Mexico. We continue to add demographics for other countries around the globe.

Coming soon! Export Investment Analysis to Excel. Export the 5-year before and after tax Investment Analysis reports as well as 10-year before and after tax Investment Analysis reports directly to Excel.

We’re just getting started. Have an update idea? Contact us at TheAnalystPRO.com

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

CRE Professionals Use TheAnalyst PRO

The top commercial real estate practitioners are using TheAnalyst PRO. Here’s what they have to say…

“Our company has been looking for a program for years that was easier to use than Argus or building Excel spreadsheets. TheAnalyst Pro tool allows us to build a professional proforma, which any level of financial analyst can interpret. Then to top it off, we can prepare a knockout, all-encompassing, electronic or paper marketing package, using the same software. A fantastic tool for us."”
Bill Overman, CCIM
Lead Broker, S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.

“Great analyst tool and makes me look good very easily… I’m a big fan.”

Mark Griffin, CCIM
Principal, Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates - Griffin Partners

“I can just click a button and everything comes out so meticulously and professionally done that my clients think I really put a lot of time into it.”

Mie Kim
Vice President, Coldwell Banker

“TheAnalyst PRO has been a godsend in analyzing multi-family for my clients. Thanks, Todd.”
Ted Wood
Real Estate Broker, Capstone Commercial Real Estate

“Most of the tools now on the market make the job harder than it should be. I am a subscriber of TheAnalyst PRO and I can tell you that it is better than anything on the market. It is simple and user-friendly. Definitely gets the job done with no hassle.”
Deniz Senyurt
Founder, Savvy Trade LLC

“The simplicity of the product and the professionalism of what it produces in a very short period of time. We signed a $9 Million investment listing and my associate and I were able to produce a packet with a complete 10-year cash flow in less than a day. Speed-to-market is key, and that’s why we rely on TheAnalyst PRO.”
Allen Buchanan, SIOR
Principal of Lee & Associates

“The thing I’m most impressed with about what agents are telling me is that they have the ability to scout out properties, get all the details, do a location and risks analysis, all in 30 minutes, something they could have never done before.”
Randy Workman
Sr Director, Century 21 Commercial

“TheAnalyst PRO is my favorite secret tool. The CAP X & Replacement Reserves update is a great addition to an already powerful CRE tool!”

Debi Carter, CCIM
Partner, Capstone Commercial Health Services

“I left ARGUS for TheAnalyst PRO to run all of my time value of money calculations. This tool does it all. It’s fast, flexible, and clients love the reports.”

Nick Nelson, CCIM
Senior Vice President, Commercial Industrial Properties

“TheAnalyst PRO is a dynamic, graphic tool that our Commercial Group has been using to give clients a visual perspective of their payment contributions, comparatives, and reports in action.  We are pleased with the use of TheAnalyst PRO as a cornerstone of our business analytics and customer satisfaction.”
Graham Wilson
Broker/Owner, Century 21 Bravo Realty

“The best set of practical and straightforward tools ever!”

Jose Miguel Padron Ibarrondo
The JM Padron Team

Get started with TheAnalyst PRO right now!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Introducing Virtual PRO™ Commercial Package

Make the most of TheAnalyst PRO with our white glove Virtual PRO™ Commercial Package.

Let TheAnalyst PRO’s expert analysts create the perfect Commercial Package for your next deal. Spend your time where it really counts and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Available to all active TheAnalyst PRO subscribers.

Your uniquely branded Commercial Package PRO report will be saved to your account where you’ll be able to make future adjustments to the analysis on any of your devices.

All packages also include a video from our analyst briefing you on the summary of the report. Demographic analysis includes up to 4 demographic report sections.

The most professional and comprehensive analysis available just got even easier. Let TheAnalyst PRO take your business to the next level.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

How A 113-Year-Old CRE Brand Uses TheAnalyst PRO

Meet TheAnalyst PRO’s newest power user - S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. headquartered in Norfolk, VA. They’ve been in operation for 113 years and counting; you don’t do that without evolving with the times. TheAnalyst PRO is the perfect tool for them to capitalize on the current state of the CRE market.

One of their lead brokers, Bill Overman, CCIM said it best:

"Our company has been looking for a program for years that was easier to use than Argus or building Excel spreadsheets from the ground up. TheAnalyst Pro gives an agent the tools he or she needs to win investment oriented listings and to ultimately sell them for our clients. TheAnalyst Pro tool allows us to build a professional proforma, which any level of financial analyst can interpret. Then to top it off, we can prepare a knockout, all-encompassing, electronic or paper marketing package, using the same software. A fantastic tool for us."
See how TheAnalyst PRO can supercharge your CRE business.