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Monday, March 19, 2018

Esri Partner Conference 2018 - Featuring TheAnalyst PRO

The 2018 Esri Partner Conference in Palm Springs was attended by over 400 partners from around the world. Watch as Todd Kuhlmann, founder of TheAnalyst® PRO a CRE Tech company, talks about simplifying the complex analysis needed in commercial real estate!

TheAnalyst PRO platform was featured at Esri Partner Conference as a success story for implementing Location Risk Analysis and Demographic Analysis in the most simple to use method for all devices - web, iPhone, iPad and Android. Location analysis, joined with financial and lease analysis tools, make TheAnalyst PRO the fastest and simplest commercial real estate analysis platform ever created.

Esri Partners around the world attended to learn best technology practices on using location based GIS information to help make decisions. We are honored to have TheAnalyst PRO be named one of Esri’s success partners. 

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The fastest and simplest commercial real estate analysis ever created.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kenneth Kujawa CCIM at One21 Conference speaking on TheAnalyst PRO

Ken Kujawa, CCIM, is the Broker/Owner of Century 21 Commercial Signature Team in Michigan. Recognized as a top producer, Ken is on the national Commercial Advisory Board for C21 Commercial. Speaking at the C21 Commercial "One21" conference in Orlando, he divulges his success in using TheAnalyst® PRO to obtain a recent listing on a retail center.

We are so thrilled to hear this success story and how TheAnalyst Pro played a major role in Ken's lucrative retail listing. Are you in need of streamlining your business and looking for a full software platform to align you with 23 features and tools for your business?  Look no further than TheAnalyst PRO. Our platform is a time saving, money making tool that simplifies your whole process of risk analysis, property tours, geocoding and more!

TheAnalyst PRO is the fastest and simplest commercial real estate analysis ever created! Join other power brokers in having the most comprehensive set of analysis tools - all cloud based for your computer, iPhone, iPad and Android devices!

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The fastest and simplest commercial real estate analysis ever created.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Coldwell Banker Commercial agent Sam Kline closes deal using TheAnalyst PRO

We at TheAnalyst® PRO are always happy to hear about our clients and the success they have with our application. Sam Kline, Associate Broker with CBC Meca, discusses how he was able to use TheAnalyst PRO platform.

Sam was able to communicate to a potential client the strengths, challenges and opportunities about their current property and how they could improve their revenues. Using data analysis provided by TheAnalyst PRO, he was able to land one of his biggest transactions to date! Congratulations Sam, you can watch the video below and hear Sam talk about his experience.

TheAnalyst PRO is known as the Swiss Army Knife of commercial real estate. It contains 23 tools accessible on mobile devices and office desktops. Learn more about TheAnalyst PRO's full suite of features.

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The fastest and simplest commercial real estate analysis ever created.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CCIM Institute Feature Video on Our CEO and Founder Todd Kuhlmann

We are delighted that our Affinity Partner, CCIM Institute, did a feature video of our CEO and founder Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM. Todd discusses his background and passion for CCIM. Get to know more about Todd and how CCIM education and TheAnalyst® PRO are changing the CRE world!

Are you a CCIM?

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CCIM Member subscribers also receive a discount on the full suite of over 20 tools in TheAnalyst® PRO, including the very popular Investment Analysis, Lease Analysis, Lease vs. Own and Location Risk Analysis. Simple and efficient input result in detailed output and professionally branded reports to empower every CCIM to implement their skills and expertise in the office and on-the-go.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

New Training Video: CRE Lease Analysis Made Easy

A new video has been added to TheAnalyst PRO's library of on-demand training. Watch Commercial Lease Analysis now. TheAnalyst PRO not only provides the tools you need to perform detailed financial analysis, it also supplies the background knowledge necessary to support your calculations.

Commercial Lease Analysis video by TheAnalyst PRO

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This new Commercial Lease Analysis training video covers:
  • Lease types
  • Standard lease clauses
  • Rentable vs. usable square feet
  • Landlord reps: Quickly calculating the total lease value
  • Tenant reps: Calculating and comparing the total lease cost
  • Calculating and explaining the Net Present Value of a lease
  • Selecting the right discount rate when calculating the lease value

TheAnalyst PRO subscribers have 24/7 access to this wealth of industry information. Our Exclusive PRO Video Training section is ever-expanding, offering training for those just getting started in CRE as well as those refreshing themselves on concepts learned previously. 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Webinar: CRE Lease Analysis Made Easy

Join us Monday, September 11, 2017 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (CDT), as we present "CRE Lease Analyis Made Easy."

Whether you’re new to CRE Leasing or a seasoned professional, you won’t want to miss this free webinar. 

Stand out from your competition. Learn how to use TheAnalyst PRO to produce detailed lease analysis and side-by-side comparisons that are simple to make and take only minutes! 

Topics covered: 
  • Lease types 
  • Standard lease clauses 
  • Rentable vs. usable square feet 
  • Landlord reps: Quickly calculate the total lease value 
  • Tenant reps: Calculate and compare the total lease cost 
  • View up to 5 lease scenarios side-by-side 
  • Calculate and explain the Net Present Value of a lease 
  • Select the right discount rate when calculating the lease value
Registration is free, but space is limited. Register now!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

5 Ways TheAnalyst PRO Makes You Money

TheAnalyst®PRO is the quickest, easiest-to-use CRE application on the market today. That's why CRE professionals rely on it to close deals and make money. 

 Learn how TheAnalyst PRO can help you:

  1. Look the part with professional, branded reports that you can share with clients instantly
  2. Increase productivity by spending less time analyzing and more time with clients and prospects
  3. Generate leads using exclusive TheAnalyst PRO website widget tools
  4. Promote informed decisions with clients using the Property Tour & Rating process
  5. Prequalify, learning flood, crime and environmental issues in minutes

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to see samples reports, learn pricing and to get started using TheAnalyst PRO, the Swiss Army Knife of commercial real estate.