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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Randy Workman shares how TheAnalyst PRO delivers for CENTURY 21 Commercial agents

CRE Tech® Founder & CEO Todd Kuhlmann presented at Century 21's One21 Experience last week in Las Vegas. There, he met up with Randy Workman, Director of Strategic Growth & Operations for CENTURY 21® Commercial, and spoke with Randy about their commercial division's use of TheAnalyst® PRO.

Watch video below to hear what Randy Workman has to say regarding his agents’ use of TheAnalyst PRO:

 "We have a lot of new agents, so we have been looking for the right tool that is affordable and easy to use. The thing we’ve been most impressed with in using TheAnalyst PRO has been the ability to analyze properties on the go, do location risk analysis and more, within 30 minutes—something we couldn’t have done before. TheAnalyst PRO has been a great addition to CENTURY 21 Commercial." 
-Randy Workman, CENTURY 21 Commercial

TheAnalyst PRO is known as the Swiss Army Knife of commercial real estate. It contains 23 tools accessible on mobile devices and office desktops. Learn more about TheAnalyst PRO's full suite of features. 

A recent collaboration between CRE Tech and CENTURY 21 Commercial provides all CENTURY 21 Commercial agents with access to TheAnalyst PRO. CRE Tech is also providing formal CRE financial analysis training to CENTURY 21 Commercial agents

CENTURY 21 Commercial handles the commercial transactions of the CENTURY 21 System, which is comprised of approximately 7,000 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices and 100,000 agents in 73 countries and territories worldwide.

Want to experience TheAnalyst PRO for yourself? Sign up for a 7-day free trial.



Friday, March 10, 2017

Now, Send TheAnalyst PRO Widget Generated Leads to ClientLook

We are happy to announce our newest integration with ClientLook. Now, leads generated from your TheAnalyst® PRO-powered widgets can go straight to your ClientLook Virtual Assistant! Save significant time processing and responding to the incoming leads that are critical to your success.

Each widget-generated lead can be entered into ClientLook by their Virtual Assistant team. All you have to do is follow up! Leave all the manual data entry to ClientLook.

This service is entirely free for TheAnalyst PRO and ClientLook users and takes only seconds to enable.

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Log in to the website version of TheAnalyst PRO at https://www.theanalystpro.com/

 2. Select 'Widget Tools' button on the left-hand side of your screen.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Widget Tools screen to the section titled 'CLIENTLOOK LEAD INTEGRATION'. Enter your ClientLook account email address and your instructions to the Virtual Assistant team for the appropriate action to take with widget-generated leads (for example: “Add leads to my Prospect group, “Schedule a next-day follow up for all new leads” or “Relate leads to my deals”). Click the 'Enable ClientLook Lead Integration' button to enable this new feature.

That’s it! Now, all of the TheAnalyst PRO leads you receive via email will also automatically be routed to the ClientLook Virtual Assistant team for processing.

For detailed instruction on placing TheAnalyst PRO widgets on your website or blog and connecting to your ClientLook account, watch our instructional video:

CRE Tech's Lead Generation Web Widgets Powered by TheAnalyst PRO from CRE Tech, Inc. on Vimeo.

Questions regarding this new feature can be directed to support@cretm.com.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Live Webinar: Lead Generation Widgets Powered by TheAnalyst PRO

Did you know that subscription to TheAnalyst® PRO includes access to lead generation widgets?

Join us for a live, 30-minute web session where we’ll demonstrate how to use TheAnalyst PRO widgets on your website to generate leads. See how your site visitors can produce a quick investment analysis, lease analysis or mortgage calculation, and how you can capture vital lead information.

Join us!

https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/8124100483717137411Friday, March 10, 2017
10:00 am – 10:30 am (CST)

Plus, by attending this webinar, you’ll be first to learn about our newest integration with ClientLook. Now, leads produced from your TheAnalyst PRO-powered widgets can go straight to your ClientLook Virtual Assistant!

Save significant time in processing and responding to incoming leads critical to your success. We’ll show you the simple steps to take to enable this feature in your accounts.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

23 reasons why TheAnalyst PRO is the Swiss Army Knife of CRE

CRE Tech®’s TheAnalyst® PRO application has been called the Swiss Army Knife of commercial real estate. And for a very good reason…or 23 to be exact.

TheAnalyst PRO is chock full of quick calculators, handy measuring tools, in-depth analysis reports, risk assessment reports, lead-generating widgets, on-demand training videos and more. Having TheAnalyst PRO access on your phone, tablet or desktop is essential for CRE survival. 

Check out all 23 tools below!


Mortgage Calculator
CAP Rate/Cash-on-Cash/GRM
Time Value of Money (TVM) Calculator
IRR/NPV Calculator
1031 Exchange Calculator


Measuring Tool
Area Measurement Tool
Aerial & Location Map Report
Real Estate Glossary


Investment Analysis: 5-year Before Tax (3-page summary)
Investment Analysis: 10-year Before Tax (4-page annual detail)

Investment Analysis: 10-year After Tax (8-page annual detail)
Comparative Lease Analysis: Compare 1 to 5 lease scenarios

Lease vs. Own Analysis
Loan Amount Analysis
Target CAP Rate Analysis


Commercial Property LEASE Tour & Rating
Commercial Property SALE Tour & Rating
Location Risk Analysis
MobiHere™ Property Request


Mortgage Tool Widget
Investment Analysis Tool Widget
Lease Analysis Tool Widget

Visit TheAnalyst PRO website to view samples of these tools and to start a 7-day free trial.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The State of Mobile is Strong at CRE Tech

App usage on mobile devices continues its uphill climb. From 2015 to 2016, Yahoo’s Flurry Analytics saw an overall app usage growth of 11% (as illustrated in graph below) and time spent in apps increased a whopping 69%.
Image courtesy of Flurry Analytics

A shift in app usage
But what industry experts are now noticing for the first time is a significant change in type of usage. It seems less time is being spent in personalization apps and games; while business, communication, social and sports app usage topped the chart for growth in time spent. Apps used on a daily basis in the Business and Finance category saw a hefty increase of 43% in time spent.

Analysts attribute this increase to an uptick in mobile activities and a reliance on real time data. At CRE Tech® , we have noticed a similar pattern of increased time spent within TheAnalyst®PRO application.

Time spent within TheAnalyst PRO grows
Analysis generated within TheAnalyst PRO on mobile devices has increased 54% in just the past 6 months--that's a full 11% over the national average for time spent in Business and Finance apps.

The top reports created were Investment Analysis (5- & 10-year), Property Tour and Rating (Sale & Lease) and Comparative Lease Analysis.

Enhancements provide increased capability
As reliance on mobile technology in the commercial real estate industry strengthens, TheAnalyst PRO continues to add functionality. The application was recently enhanced with after-tax and line-item expense capabilities, making the Investment Analysis Report even more extensive.

Minimal required inputs, speed-to-market delivery and premium analysis reports are must-haves for CRE professionals using TheAnalyst PRO on desktops and mobile devices.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CCIM Membership Scores You TheAnalyst PRO

CRE Tech’s TheAnalyst®PRO application has recently been named an Affinity Partner for the esteemed CCIM Institute.

What does this mean for you?
Well, if you’re a CCIM, you now receive instant access to many of TheAnalyst PRO’s calculators and tools, including TVM, IRR, NPV, CAP Rate and Cash-on-Cash – for FREE!

TheAnalyst PRO is a CCIM Affinity Partner

The CCIM Members also qualify for a discount on subscription to TheAnalyst PRO, including our full suite of over 20 tools:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Lease Analysis
  • Lease vs. Own 
  • Environmental, Flood & Crime Risk Analysis
  • Property Tour & Rating Tool
  • On-Demand Training Videos
  • and more!

Minimum input results in maximum output
TheAnalyst PRO allows you to produce professional reports and analytics in minutes—in the office and on-the-go.

Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, and founder of CRE Tech, is honored with TheAnalyst® PRO’s inclusion in CCIM’s Affinity Benefit Program. He explains, “Many CCIMs have been longtime users of TheAnalyst PRO. We are proud to support the leading experts in commercial investment real estate with our tools and resources.”

Are you a CCIM?
http://TheAnalystPRO.com/CCIM to unlock your FREE TheAnalyst® PRO tools today. If you are already a subscriber and wish to apply your member savings, please contact CRE Tech's Support Department at support@cretm.com.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Lee & Associates' Allen Buchanan on Using TheAnalyst® PRO for Speed-to-Market Transactions

CRE Tech's Founder & CEO, Todd Kuhlmann, caught up with Allen Buchanan, Principal at Lee & Associates headquarters in Orange, California, earlier this month.

In this video testimonial, Allen shares how
TheAnalyst® PRO helped them sign a $9M investment deal. 

“We started using TheAnalyst® PRO because we were intrigued by its integration with ClientLook. We appreciate the simplicity of TheAnalyst PRO and its ability to produce professional reports in a very short period of time. My associate and I used TheAnalyst PRO to complete a 10-year cash flow in minutes. That report helped us sign a $9M investment deal. As all of you in the business know, speed-to-market is key, and that's why we rely on TheAnalyst PRO.”
Photo of Allen Buchanan of Lee & Associates

Allen Buchanan, Principal of Lee & Associates – Orange