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Thursday, July 30, 2015

TheAnalyst® PRO unveils two new functions

We have been hard at work adding increased functionality to TheAnalyst® PRO. Check out what’s new! 

Location Risk Analysis* featuring Environmental Risk Analysis Report
View a sample Location Risk Analysis Report
Used to evaluate the risks associated with a particular property. This first release of the Location Risk Analysis functionality includes an Environmental Risk Analysis Report allowing you to immediately generate a report detailing potential environmental risks within a half-mile of your current location or any searched property.

Owners, brokers and commercial lenders alike will find this tool to be a valuable reference source. We are currently working to add crime and flood analyses to round out the Location Risk Analysis. Look for these later this year.

Aerial & Location Map Report
View a sample Aerial & Location Map Report
Obtain an aerial view of your current location or any address you wish to search. You can then capture that aerial view and annotate the map with text, shapes and drawings. Once you have annotated your aerial view, prepare a report that includes map views, your annotated aerial view, plus a street view.

This exciting new ability increases the functionality of TheAnalyst® PRO’s robust Maps & Measurements section, which also contains a Measuring Tool, Area Measurement Tool and MobiHere™ Property Location Report. 

TheAnalyst® PRO—the application making it faster and easier to analyze commercial real estate in the office, at the property or on the road. www.theanalystpro.com

*TheAnalyst® PRO’s Location Risk Analysis functions have multiple patents pending. This technology is exclusive to CRE Tech, Inc., and TheAnalyst® PRO.