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Friday, October 2, 2015

Now, Flood Risk Analysis in TheAnalyst® PRO!

Is the property you’re evaluating at risk of flooding?

Want to learn of any nearby high-risk flood zones?

This summer, we introduced the Location Risk Analysis* function within TheAnalyst® PRO. The first component identifies environmental issues within a half-mile radius of the address entered.

Now, we’ve expanded the Location Risk Analysis to include flood information. You can use TheAnalyst® PRO to prepare a 2-page report displaying a map of FEMA-designated flood concerns in proximity of any address entered.


This is a valuable resource for property owners, brokers and commercial lenders—added at no additional cost to your subscription of TheAnalyst® PRO. You can find Location Risk Analysis in the "Other Tools" section of the application.

View a sample Location Risk Analysis Report.


*TheAnalyst® PRO's Location Risk Analysis functions have multiple patents pending. This technology is exclusive to CRE Tech, Inc., and TheAnalyst® PRO.