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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why is TheAnalyst PRO the most practical application for CRE professionals? Because it was created by someone who knows CRE.

Commercial real estate lender—he’s been one.
Commercial real estate investor—he is one.
Commercial real estate instructor—he is one.

CRE Tech® Founder & CEO, Todd Kuhlmann, the visionary behind TheAnalyst® PRO application, has worked in the CRE industry for over 26 years. Kuhlmann has served as the head of a commercial real estate lending firm, as an investor himself, as a 18-year CCIM member, as a global instructor for the CCIM Institute, and most recently, as a creator of technology that assists CRE agents in today’s mobile world.
Real estate technology expert and developer of TheAnalyst PRO, Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, and Mark Polon, CCIM, one of the world’s leading authorities on CRE financial analysis. Both are members of The Ward Center faculty.

Kuhlmann was highlighted in a recent CCIM Institute publication for his faculty position with the Ward Center for Real Estate Studies. It’s through this instructor role, and his own experience in the industry, that he has learned first-hand the struggles of the modern CRE agent. In an effort to make CRE calculations and investment analysis as accurate and easy as possible, Kuhlmann developed a set of tools, packaged as TheAnalyst PRO application.

Each of TheAnalyst PRO’s calculator tools has been modeled according to international CRE principles. The investment, lease and location risk analysis reports are created with minimal inputs. Reports generated with TheAnalyst PRO are branded for the agent and easily shared with clients from desktop and mobile devices. For these reasons, TheAnalyst PRO has quickly become the Swiss Army Knife of commercial real estate practitioners.

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