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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cash Flow Is King! A CAP Rate Webinar


In our latest training session, we discuss the benefits of CAP Rate vs. Cash-on-Cash Returns using TheAnalyst PRO Target CAP Rate Calculator.

Todd Kuhlmann (CCIM) and Jeremy Cyrier (CCIM) will teach you how to easily calculate the CAP Rate needed to achieve your optimal cash flow.

We also discuss CAP Rate vs. IRR and demonstrate the Target CAP Rate Analysis tool in TheAnalyst PRO.

TheAnalyst PRO is all about making your real estate business faster, better, and stronger.

Our integrated ecosystem of CRE tools does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on growing your business, expanding your network, and making more money.

Instead of multiple subscription-based tools, TheAnalyst PRO centralizes everything.

Analysis reports, property reports, investment calculators, maps, and Commercial Package PRO (a stylish, fast, branded report creator).

All in one place.

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Jeremy Cyrier is President of Mansard Commercial Real Estate and specializes in real estate portfolio and investment growth properties.

Todd Kuhlmann is President and founder of CRE Tech, and creator of TheAnalyst PRO.

Jeremy and Todd are both instructors for the CCIM Institute and together they developed the Target CAP Rate Calculator in TheAnalyst PRO.