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Friday, March 5, 2021

Expansion into Spanish-Speaking Markets


This week we celebrate exciting international expansions incorporating the Spanish-speaking world of Commercial Real Estate.

Just unveiled -
the full Spanish version of the TheAnalyst PRO

We also welcome CENTURY 21 México and CENTURY 21 Central America as new strategic world partners. TheAnalyst PRO is now available to CENTURY 21 member franchisees in México and Central and South America.

Read on to learn how this benefits ALL subscribers, whether they speak Spanish or not!

global handshakeEnhancing TheAnalyst PRO to include all Spanish text and terminology, is not only useful to Spanish speakers, it opens business opportunities between English and Spanish speakers worldwide.

Learn how CRE professionals can use this to their advantage, all for the same low subscription price:

1.  All users worldwide can now use the entire TheAnalyst PRO platform in the Spanish language with the switch of a toggle in the profile set-up. This allows native Spanish speakers to more efficiently run their analysis scenarios. 

2.  English speakers can run investment scenarios, then create their reports in Spanish for their Latin investors. This is helpful for native Spanish speaking clients to more quickly review these analyses. Even for bi-lingual speakers, all of the intricate industry terms can require some time to fully translate.

3.  Likewise primary Spanish speakers can create their investment scenarios using the Spanish version, then run final reports in English for those partners or investors who don't speak Spanish as their native language.

4.  CRE professionals can now create Due Diligence, Offering Memorandums and marketing (flyers and brochures) fully in Spanish.

We are honored to have CENTURY 21 México and CENTURY 21 Latin America as our new strategic partners. They have an impressive presence in Latin America with 500 offices and 7,000 agents.

"A strategic partnership initiative with Todd Kuhlmann, the program's designer and founder, TheAnalyst PRO suite of commercial analysis tools will provide CENTURY 21 member franchisees a "Best in Class" competitive advantage to promote Commercial Properties in Latin America to the world."  - Steven Yeager, COO CENTURY 21 South America

We value our industry partners and CENTURY 21 Commercial has long been in partnership with TheAnalyst PRO. These professionals will have a brilliant advantage in their dynamic commercial real estate transactions. 

We look forward to sharing their business successes moving forward.

TheAnalyst PRO is now customized to empower all of the Americas with this new Spanish enhancement and already established Canadian mortgage calculations.

This is a valued addition to our existing international presence in South Korea, Australia and Japan.

As always, more enhancements are on the way to increase your business opportunities - stay tuned!