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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Turn your Offering Memorandums into Property Websites & Flipbooks in Minutes


Takeaways from our Webinar:
Turning your OMs into Property Websites & Flipbooks

TheAnalyst PRO new enhancements featured in this webinar:

★ Updated Property Website Template Options ★

  Flipbook Presentation Format 

(samples above - customizable to your logo colors)

This webinar not only demoed our newest features, it also emphasized the speediness in which you can create these eye-catching marketing pieces!

Here are the key takeaways:

Speed-to-Market  a business strategy that withstands time
If you can get to your customers quickly, you instantly have an advantage over your competitors. TheAnalyst PRO triumphs in our ability to make complicated concepts simple for you. That includes creating property websites and flipbooks from your OMs in under 10 minutes. The same goes for our marketing flyers and brochures!

Time Savings  making your professional life easier
Need to make a quick change for a client? TheAnalyst PRO saves everything for you - just change the needed entry field, and push a button to create the updated marketing piece. Fast and easy for you - professional and instant follow up to your client!

The Power of Presentation
There's no doubt - marketing that dazzles the eye gets you noticed! Add a spice of professionalism and you have marketing that earns you deals. TheAnalyst PRO is your CRE presentation partner! On top of these easy-to-create property websites and flipbooks, we offer several other marketing pieces, along with data represented in colorful graphs, charts and infographics.

Confidentiality Options
1) You select which information from the OM appears on the property website. Just the basics or a detailed pro forma. 2) Share and market a property website URL as you see fit. These are not made readily available to the public domain. 3) Want to know who downloads the information? There is an option to track downloads, serving as the lead-generator for follow up!

Unlimited Hosting
TheAnalyst PRO takes care of the storage for you. We host an unlimited number of property websites for you on our secure servers, and you can always access your property URLs in your TheAnalyst PRO account.

View the entire recorded webinar here: