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Monday, October 4, 2021

Prospecting & Deal Winning Made Easy


Key Takeaways from our Webinar:

Prospecting & Deal Winning Made Easy 

A collaboration between
ProspectNow & TheAnalyst PRO

Presented by:
Steve Wayne, Founder & CEO ProspectNow
Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, Founder & CEO of TheAnalyst® PRO by CRE Tech®, Inc.

Prospecting in Commercial Real Estate - a process many agents/brokers use to identify viable property sellers, buyers and investors. 

Whether you actively prospect for your business or not, our webinar covered some key strategies for effective prospecting:

--- Know who YOUR ideal customer is. Is it location based? Property type specific? Investor type? Or otherwise?

--- Find those ideal customers – potential sellers, refinances or buyers in the market. “Gravitate and market to property owners who WANT to sell,” as Steve Wayne, CEO of ProspectNow, puts it.

--- Identify how to reach out to potential customers, specifically the decision-maker.

--- Have a high value conversation with the decision-maker. Knowing your facts and what they mean, the more likely they will be to have a conversation with you.

--- Stay in the know for your current clients and help them scope out their future transactional needs.

--- Not only work a client’s listing, but seek out potential buyers for that listing.

The process above can pay off in client loyalty and big dollars, if you invest the time. See below for achieving maximum time-savings in this process!

You have found the potential clients and the opportunity to get in front of them. 

Now what?

Win that deal!

--- Set up a listing presentation to show the client what you can do for them.

--- Prepare. Prepare. Prepare!

    -- Conduct a quick search online to learn what you can about the client’s property.

    -- Prepare and show a sample marketing package on their property that is highly visual. Tip: Don’t leave behind the visual until you have earned the listing.

--- Keep up that intelligent conversation. Show what you do know about the client property,  both in terms of positive and challenging aspects of its marketability (i.e. environmental concerns, flood plain, etc.).

ProspectNow and TheAnalyst PRO 

cut the time for the above processes down to minutes – not hours!

What value does ProspectNow offer to the process?

--- Makes prospecting efficient & easy by placing researched hours worth of property owner information at your fingertips

--- Filter for your ideal customer

--- Target sellers & refinances before they happen

--- Provides property owner contact info, including the actual decision-maker

--- Gives you the intelligence to have high value conversations with potential clients

--- Earn more business from current clients, based on data you can find in ProspectNow

--- Show that you have access to potential buyers/investors for your selling customer. “Secret intelligence”

--- Find out for yourself! Use ProspectNow.com ROI calculator to show what the predictive analytics can do for your business.

What value does TheAnalyst PRO offer to the process?

--- Makes preparing a listing presentation quick, easy and impressive

--- Fast due diligence and offering memorandums to help you win the listing. "Being able to create an OM in 15 minutes is a game changer!" remarks Todd Kuhlmann, CEO of TheAnalyst PRO. "Win the assignment by walking into your listing appointment with an impressive OM in hand."

--- Create a marketing package in 20 minutes or less

--- Professionally designed, making CRE brokers/agents look like they have a whole marketing department

--- Several marketing visuals: PDF (electronic or print), property websites, digital flipbooks, flyers, brochures, email campaign compatible

--- Equips you with additional knowledge - demographics and risk analysis

--- Impresses the client with how you will market for them

View the entire recorded webinar here: