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Monday, August 14, 2023

Leveraging TheAnalyst PRO for Cutting-Edge CRE Marketing


Take-aways from our Webinar:
Master the New Property Listing Website Widget & Office Admin Panel

Significant enhancements have been added to TheAnalyst PRO, raising the bar for property marketing and significantly boosting efficiency at the office level!

Let's dive right in!

Property Listing Website Widget

This allows you to now market all of your active properties in one display, which can be placed on your professional website.

screenshot of sample website widget created by TheAnalyst PRO
--- Feed listings to any website, whether an individual, a team or an entire company.

--- Create multiple widgets, depending on the need (i.e. currently active, closed successes, pending-taking-backups, etc.).

--- Lead generation! Capture potential clients right when they are actively looking.

--- Advanced search options for both you (ease of organizing), and your site visitor (ease of finding what they want)

In iframe format, you can insert the HTML coding into any website coding. From there update your properties from within TheAnalyst PRO account, and they update your feed automatically.

Provide eye-catching property packages (as detailed or minimal as you choose), change them as needed, add any additional informative documents.

No additional cost!
Available for our same cost-efficient membership fee.

Office Admin Dashboard & Control Panel

All of our Admins are dancing about the office right now! We just made it SO MUCH easier for one point-person to manage all of their agent/broker TheAnalyst PRO accounts from one login.

screenshot of sample dashboard for Admins in TheAnalyst PRO
--- Centralized management of each account branding, property packages & status, logins and so much more.

--- Streamlined ability for admins to monitor and handle as little or as much as needed for each agent/broker.

--- For teams of 3 or more agents, or entire commercial offices of any size.

--- Couple this with our new Website Widget tool, and you can hand-pick or feed all properties into the listing feed.

No additional cost!
Available for our same cost-efficient membership fee.

Learn About Special Pricing for Team/Company Accounts
With 3 or More Members