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Thursday, March 24, 2016

TheAnalyst® PRO Software Now Integrates with ClientLook

ClientLook and CRE Tech®’s TheAnalyst® PRO users have something to celebrate! TheAnalyst® PRO and ClientLook are now integrated so you can connect easier than ever before.

A recent partnership between CRE Tech®, Inc., and CRM leader ClientLook has resulted in the ability to seamlessly access and run TheAnalyst PRO reports, analysis and mapping tools directly from your ClientLook properties screen. 

Get Connected
See how easy it is to set up your connection:


A Beatiful Partnership
CRE Tech president and founder, Todd Kuhlmann, explains:

“ClientLook is a powerful and easy to use CRM solution built from the ground up for CRE professionals. With TheAnalyst® PRO software we share the same philosophy – provide the most powerful software to make commercial real estate practitioners money – and make it simple for them to use!”

“The world of CRE technology is too fragmented. Our goal is to connect the industry’s leading tools within ClientLook to create efficiency for our users,” described ClientLook President & CEO Michael Griffin.

“TheAnalyst PRO integration allows our mutual subscribers to provide faster and more comprehensive service to their clients without redundant data entry or wasted time.”

What's Next?
This is Phase 1 of the integration between the two technologies. Future developments are in the works.