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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

A Training Center with Gusto

Unlock an Extensive Commercial Real Estate Training Center within TheAnalyst PRO®

It's known that TheAnalyst PRO is CRE Tech's #1 tool for financial and lease analysis, demographic and location analysis, offering memorandums and marketing.

did you know that TheAnalyst PRO also has an extensive Commercial Real Estate Training Center?


    When subscribing to TheAnalyst PRO you don't just get access to a robust investment real estate financial analysis and marketing platform.

    You also get unlimited access to our proprietary commercial real estate training center, including:

    •  over 18 hours of recorded professional CRE training

    •  industry best practices

    •  case study scenarios

    •  step-by-step instruction of TheAnalyst PRO tools & features

    •  unlocking how to use some of our more advanced tools


    Training Topics Include:

    √   CRE Marketing Best Practices
    √   Offering Memorandum Presentations & Best Practices
    √   Infographics for Demographic Analysis
    √   CAP Rate vs. Cash-on-Cash
    √   Advanced Investment Analysis
    √   CRE Investment Modeling - KPI's and Sensitivity Analysis
    √   Comparison & Portfolio Investment Modeling
    √   Predicting Future CAP Rates
    √   Power of Positive Leverage
    √   Lease Alternatives & Negotiation
    √   Prospecting & Deal Winning Made Easy
    √   How Inflation & Rising Interest Rates Impact CRE
    √   Valuation of CRE in a Volatile Market
    √   CRE Property Tours Made Easy
    √   And many more!

We won't stop there!

We continue adding trainings and topics relevant to the current commercial real estate market - always instantly available to all subscribers.