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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Commercial RE's Most Comprehensive Offering Memorandum


Just Released in TheAnalyst PRO:
Offering Memorandum 

Incorporating the latest trends in Commercial Real Estate Offering Memorandums, TheAnalyst PRO has just released a new OM template available to all subscribers.

GIF image: screenshots of pages in sample Offering Memorandum

Offering Memorandums are a mainstay of Commercial Real Estate! Agents/brokers often rely on them to market their property listings. Another best practice we recommend is to win listings by creating and presenting an Offering Memorandum.

Advice abounds on creating Offering Memorandums, but the reality is that you could spend all day creating one. You could spend hundreds of dollars having someone create one for you. And you could wait days in a queue to receive it in ready-to-market condition.

video screenshot: Robin Webb, CCIM, CPM - Testimonial for using TheAnalyst PRO

At TheAnalyst PRO, we like to empower CRE professionals and investors to move forward quickly in conducting their CRE business. And, whether a one-man show or a large office, we aim to help you look like a million dollar professional, while keeping you in front of your clients. 

Outsourcing is not required to create this brilliant marketing in TheAnalyst PRO.

On the other hand, marketing pros will love the simplicity and speed with which they can create an OM.

We've spared no detail in what you can do with an OM using TheAnalyst PRO:

--  Include as much, or as little, detail as needed

--  Feature high-quality photos front and center, and everywhere else

--  Create and include property and income financials - dive deep or scratch the surface

--  Add in a full market analysis with demographics and location risk analyses

--  Personalize to feature you, your team, and your company

--  We've got the looks - colorful graphs, infographic demographics, and highly professional layouts

Also available in Flipbook presentation

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