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Monday, June 19, 2023

1031 Exchange: Regulations and Calculations


Recap from our Webinar:
1031 Exchange Regulations & Tax Deferred Calculations: Simplified

title: 1031 Exchange Regulations and Tax Deferred Calculations: Simplified, Presented by industry experts [photos of person] Scott Saunders, Sr Vice President Asset Preservation, Inc., National Speaker & Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, Founder & CEO of TheAnalyst PRO by CCIM Tech, Inc.
In this collaboration webinar we navigated 1031 Exchange regulations, presented by Asset Preservation and TheAnalyst PRO by CRE Tech. Our aim was to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to master these complicated yet crucial aspects of the real estate industry.
Scott Saunders, Senior VP at Asset Preservation, a seasoned veteran with unparalleled expertise in 1031 Exchanges, provided an in-depth understanding of the associated rules and regulations. Explaining how to maximize the benefits of this tax-deferral strategy while staying fully compliant with the IRS rules.
In the second half of the this session, Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, Founder of TheAnalyst PRO by CRE Tech, demystified tax-deferred calculations. This innovative platform is transforming how real estate professionals approach complex financial calculations.

Through an interactive session, attendees were guided through easy-to-understand methodologies, helping to streamline the calculation process, saving time and improving accuracy. We provided the opportunity to gain valuable insights and actionable skills, helping attendees prosper in the world of real estate investment. Whether a seasoned professional or new to the industry, this session offered a wealth of knowledge and tools that are not only useful but indispensable in today's competitive market.

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