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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Thirteen Years and Counting With TheAnalyst PRO

How Far We've Come 

We started this journey all the way back in 2011

During our humble beginnings, we launched TheAnalyst exclusively on the iPhone via the app store. Little did we know that our little app would grow into a comprehensive and robust set of CRE tools. 

In 2014 -
we continued to build out our fundamental tool kit with FEMA Floodplain, FBI Crime, and proprietary Environmental Analysis Reports for any property in the USA. This complete due diligence package is essential to get the full view of a property's health and viability. 

In 2015 -
we released TheAnalyst "PRO" across every major platform including web, iOS, and Android. Today, TheAnalyst PRO is available natively on all your devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and your laptop. 

In 2018 -
we revealed our Commercial Property Tour and Rating System to the world. This incredibly innovative tool allows buyer and tenant representatives to map the most efficient route between sites and holistically analyze subjective and objective site characteristics side by side. This tool is vital to anyone showing properties to end users. 

In 2019 -
we revolutionized the way CRE practitioners create listing presentations and Offering Memorandums. In as little as 15 minutes, you can create a comprehensive OM with a complete due diligence package and ESRI demographics

In 2023 -
we integrated ChatGPT allowing you to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to instantly create beautifully written property descriptions and overviews

We welcome you to join us on this fantastic journey as we have amazing things planned for 2024

Want to take the first step? Schedule a demonstration with one of our amazing team members today!