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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Any Market. Any Specialization. TheAnalyst PRO has you covered!

Any Market. Any Specialization. Person with 4 arms working on multiple tech devices.

Versatility and Adaptability:
Essentials in the World of CRE

You want to be ready to tackle any deal that comes your way, whether you're working in a small tertiary market or the central business district (CBD) of the largest city in the world. That’s where TheAnalyst PRO comes in. 

Built for ALL CRE PROFESSIONALS - Regardless of specialization

TheAnalyst PRO provides an all-encompassing toolkit designed to enhance your performance, regardless of the asset class or market conditions. Whether you're valuing a strip mall for a long-standing client or guiding a new client through potential leasing options, TheAnalyst PRO ensures you have the resources to deliver exceptional results.

apartment building
Multifamily  |  Self Storage

For multifamily and self-storage properties, TheAnalyst PRO enables you to create detailed Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analyses with easy-to-read unit matrices. Assess the financial viability of your projects with PRECISION and CONFIDENCE! 

Additionally, TheAnalyst PRO's demographic analysis and due diligence tools help ensure that the surrounding area supports your proposed end use, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics.

retail center

Retail  |  Industrial  |  Office

When it comes to retail, industrial, and office spaces, TheAnalyst PRO offers robust tools to analyze the profitability of any deal. 

Take into account every aspect of existing leases with ease. TheAnalyst PRO allows you to run Weighted Average Lease Expiry (WALE) analyses, both physical and economic, providing a clear view of the property's performance and risk!

person showing 2 other people a property


Efficiency is key in leasing. While conducting a property tour, TheAnalyst PRO helps you identify the most time-effective routes to cover all potential sites, saving you valuable time and resources

The Property Tour and Rating feature, combined with a Comparative Lease Analysis, ensures you present your clients with the best possible options, backed by solid data and thorough analysis.

sample or Property Tour map

2 people walking and talking

Elevate Buyer Representation

As a buyer’s representative, presenting information clearly and attractively is essential. 

TheAnalyst PRO transforms poorly prepared materials from sellers into beautiful, comprehensible packages that your clients will appreciate. Our tools allow you to re-package and enhance the seller’s information, making it easy to understand and make informed decisions.


TheAnalyst PRO is designed for all CRE Professionals regardless of specialization. With our comprehensive suite of tools, you can tackle any deal with confidence and expertise. Whether you’re working with multifamily, self-storage, retail, industrial, or office properties, TheAnalyst PRO has you covered. 

Empower your business, impress your clients, and elevate your performance with TheAnalyst PRO – your ultimate CRE toolkit.

Join the THOUSANDS of CRE professionals that 

are winning assignments and closing deals with ease!