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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Multifamily Analysis and Marketing

Multifamily is a hot topic in commercial real estate these days!

We decided to do an update of where things stand, and how TheAnalyst PRO can help
work those multifamily deals with great speed and little effort.

Presented by Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM and Founder/CEO of TheAnalyst PRO (who is
quite partial to the multifamily sector of investment real estate) we give a quick snapshot
of recent metrics and where multifamily and apartments stand in the market cycle right

Valuable take-aways that can be used to win investment deals right now:

Identify Cash Cow Multifamily Properties

How to Interpret all of these Valuable Metrics

This full session on running a multifamily scenario in TheAnalyst PRO includes:

• Ability to run scenarios by Rent Roll or Unit Matrix.

• Use for rental houses up to multi-hundred units, and investment portfolios.

• Value Add! How to account for renovations and rent increase/customization.

• Include Key Performance Indicators and highly visual graphs!

• In depth presentation on how to create and interpret TheAnalyst PRO reports in a multifamily scenario.

• Compare current performance vs. pro-forma. Show that little changes can increase property performance!!!!

Other valuable features were presented as well:

• Create an impressive marketing presentation to market your multifamily investment/deal: PDF, Flipbook, property website and more

• Feed active properties to your website

• Lead generators

• Chat GPT creates property descriptions for you

• Location risk analysis

• Extensive 24/7 Training Center available for free in TheAnalyst PRO

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