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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

First Impressions Matter: Distinguished Testimonial from TheAnalyst PRO’s Inaugural Customer

TheAnalyst PRO's First Customer: 

Karl Landreneau, CCIM, SIOR and NAI Latter & Blum

In 2011, Karl Landreneau, CCIM, SIOR and his office became TheAnalyst PRO's first customers! 

• Decades of Commercial Real Estate and Analysis Experience

About 13 years ago, Karl and his team of 110 agents at NAI Latter & Blum were searching for a system that could streamline the creation of financial analyses and marketing materials. Although Karl was fully capable of developing complex financial models and hiring marketing professionals, these tasks were time-consuming, costly, and, most importantly, slow.

• Enter, TheAnalyst PRO

Then they discovered TheAnalyst PRO. With minimal inputs and just a few clicks, Karl and his team can now efficiently run financial analyses and produce stunning marketing materials for any property they encounter. 

• Tertiary Market

This capability is particularly vital in their tertiary market, where they deal with a diverse range of property types and classes. When agents encounter unfamiliar territory, they have a plethora of training videos available to them.

•  Excerpts from Interview:

1. What brought you to TheAnalyst PRO?

"I wanted something that I could use that made sense but also had a graphic portion to it so that my presentation looked professional - and it had to have some ease. We all know that commercial agents, for all intents and purposes are lazy. So, I looked for something way back then that I could push a button and I had a presentation. Ive been a user since the beginning." 

2. Why do you enjoy using TheAnalyst PRO?

"It has all the elements that you need, no matter if you are doing an industrial distribution center or if you're doing a 150 unit multifamily complex with different room rates and different bed rooms... It touches all the points." 

3.  How does TheAnalyst PRO help you in your market?

"The other thing that's really good about TheAnalyst PRO is, as a tertiary market place, you don't do everything everyday. And you have those training videos which are great refreshers... for lease comparable, etc. TheAnalyst PRO is absolutely incredible because of the presentation piece that goes with the numbers. The features are there, you just have to look at it and let it meet your needs." 

4.  What is the most important aspect of TheAnalyst PRO for your business?

"As simple as I can say it, its the presentation piece. We can use it, its not hard. But when we get in front of a client with that presentation, they know that we spent time with that property. We didn't just put it on a spreadsheet or the back of the napkin - we actually are giving them something they can look at and understand. And I think that is one of the greatest features of TheAnalyst PRO - the presentation piece of it." 

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